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Driven Solepreneurs Become Supportive Interns - A Check-In with Our Summer Interns

Strive has been blessed to offer two summer internships this year, April and Rebecca. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and helping others grow professionally.

As they have been with us for some time now, we wanted to share a bit on how it is going from their perspective.

Rebecca who is a student at Appalachian University and solopreneur of Rebecca Blanton Photography was eager to get started and her excitement has yet to cease!

During my short time at Strive, I feel that I have grown in every opportunity Mia has given me. I first

interviewed with her, and I thought that I would be shadowing her and learning from the things she was doing. However, I am not only gaining knowledge by observing her work, but also she has trusted me to be a part of so much more.

In my first month of being an intern, I accompanied Mia to potential client meetings, provided updates to current clients on their socials, assisted with filming content, and created stories for social media on the Strive Account. I thought I was gaining knowledge in the classroom, but it does not compare to the first hand experiences I am having in the field. Just saying, it is so much more than what I ever hoped it would be, and I am extremely happy to be a part of Mia’s team.

My hope is to continue to grow as a professional as I learn from her experience.

April who is a student at Isothermal Community College and solopreneur of Southern Sol wears many hats and juggles multiple responsibilities well.

Back in March I found myself scrolling aimlessly through my business Instagram. I had been researching ways to be more creative and properly execute my posts and produce quality content for social media that didn’t just involve pushing a product from my Etsy shop. As I was scrolling, I stumbled upon an account that I was following and it was following me, but I had not previously noticed. Curious, I clicked on the handle: Strive Marketing. The layout and color scheme created a perfect balance and aesthetic. I noted that Strive was a local digital marketing business. I scrolled through posts and was very impressed by how professional everything looked. Then I saw a post indicating that Strive was looking to hire an intern. I was intrigued and emailed Mia almost immediately.

I am in month 3 of being an intern at Strive and it has been so insightful and exciting watching it begin to blossom! I have found that I love creating content but that it also takes much more time and planning than I originally thought. I have learned that running a business truly isn’t a 9-5 job. It takes dedication, discipline, planning, and drive to keep learning!

As a budding entrepreneur myself, I am so grateful for the experiences that Strive has offered me. While I have a lot to learn I have already learned so much and I am looking forward to accompanying Mia and Strive on their journey.

As the summer isn't up yet, there is still plenty to learn and we can't wait to see their progress!

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