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Evergreen vs Timely Content - What are They and How to Use Them to Your Benefit

If you have been in the content creation game for a while now, you have (hopefully) heard the term “evergreen content”. If not, your life is about to change, and your time will be saved!

Creating content can be time-consuming. Spending hours upon hours coming up with great things to post on your social media, blog, company newsletter, customer emails, or what have you can seem daunting, especially when the content goes live and it does not produce the results you expected. Evergreen content can save the day for you!

So what is evergreen content? It’s not the big green trees in the forest my friend. Evergreen content is content that will never expire. It can be used in a variety of ways, multiple times, and ideally, it will last years with little changes to be made. Great examples of evergreen content are recipes, how-tos, DIYs, historical recounts, etc. They are amazing to use in a marketing strategy over and over again, in a variety of new and fun ways (keep it fresh and relevant to trends when you can).

Worried about being repetitive? Studies have shown that our minds need to see something 30 times before we remember it! (source:

Now don’t get too excited and think that you never need to create new content again. Remember to Use your evergreen content in different ways. For example, take snippets from a 30 minute Youtube video and create teasers for IG Stories. Then, take your top 5 takeaways from the longer video and turn it into a 60 second Tik Tok video. And so on!

In addition to shaping old content to stay relevant, you will also want to use “timely content”. Timely content is exactly what it sounds like. It only makes sense to use it at a specific time. For example, Mother’s Day campaigns can’t be reused in August (although all the great moms out there deserve two Mother’s days).

To stay on top of timely AND evergreen content, follow these simple steps.

  1. Create a monthly or quarterly social media calendar. Whatever makes sense for you.

  2. Map out all the national days you want to recognize as a business.

  3. Map out all the days important to your business. Think day of the year you opened, employee birthdays, upcoming events, etc.

  4. Start to brainstorm how your business will market around these days

  5. Create timely content

  6. Weave in evergreen content in a variety of formats

  7. Schedule ahead of time (we’ve included a link to our favorite scheduler below)

  8. And you’re done!

Strive uses Sprout Social for staying organized.

Click here to check it out:

If you’ve made it this far, clearly you are working on elevating your marketing. Need a little more help or want us to handle it for you? We would love to hear from you. Click here to submit a request or question.

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