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The Easiest Social Strategy Element: Call to Action!

Updated: May 8, 2021

A call to action can be one of the easiest elements to include in your social strategy. And you don't have to be a marketing guru who understands keywords, backlinks, or analytics to do it! A call to action is simply asking your audience to perform an action. Of course, you want this action to match your operational goals in order to make this step have meaning. For example, you don't want to ask your audience to comment their favorite color if your goal is to have them read your latest educational blog. But you would want to ask your audience to comment their favorite color option of a new product launch to determine fan favorites and boost engagement! So, if it is so easy, why is it often lacking? Well, many people have the perception that flat out telling someone to do something is cheesy, awkward, and annoying. But that is usually not the case. If a call to action is done the right way, it can improve user experience with your brand. For example, you are launching a new product and want to encourage your following to buy whatever your selling. A distasteful call to action would sound like, "Check out our new _____! Buy one now!". A helpful and encouraging call to action could read, "Our ____ just dropped today! To get yours, visit our online shop by clicking here." By including an active link, you are more likely to convert social views into customers. BONUS: You can track your social referrals through Google Analytics! Call to Action Ideas

  • Follow us for more!

  • Watch our story to learn how!

  • Click here to shop with us. (include a link)

  • Comment or DM us your questions or ideas.

  • Share with a friend who will enjoy/like/agree/etc.

  • Like our post if you _____.

  • Tell us your favorite product in the comment section below!

  • Visit our website to learn more! (Include a link)

  • Apply today to see if you would be the right fit for us. (include a link)

  • Join our LIVE event on (insert date and time)

  • To claim your freebie/offer use this coupon code at check out! (include code and link to shop)

  • Show us this post to receive "insert offer" (Restaurants or In-Person Businesses Only)

  • Try this at home and let us know how it goes!

  • Send us your photos using our "insert product here"!

Share this with someone trying to develop their social strategy, and remember, if you get stuck or frustrated, we are happy to help!

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