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Strive for a Stress Free Social Strategy

Updated: May 8, 2021

One of the biggest hang-ups in marketing your business can be is the amount of time it takes to have an active and growing account. Correction, *accounts. Because an effective marketer knows that different platforms reach different audiences, but they all have value. Do you find yourself trying to post every day on Instagram, twice a week on Facebook, and weekly on Youtube? But there aren't enough hours in the day, and actually sitting down to form content and clicking "post" becomes more and more daunting right? It doesn't have to be!

Planning your content ahead of time will alleviate so much of your stress! At first, it can seem intimidating to plan a whole month's worth of content at a time. Start small by sitting down and thinking about your operational goals. Then incorporate that into your social posts! For example, you want to increase sales for a certain product line in your online stores. Create Instagram posts with tags on the photo of your product that link directly to your store, and schedule these on days/times when your following is most active. Then create "tease" posts for your story to funnel leads to your actual post. You can use these same creative media for multiple platforms, just switch up the caption accordingly. Or if you are feeling extra eager, create different media for each platform! Overall, you will see leaps and bounds in your business. Your social will actually drive the results your business needs because you will have time to create a well thought out strategy. You will feel less burdened each day to come up with something brilliant to intrigue your audience on the fly. AND you will be happier to engage with your audience's comments because you didn't spend all day trying to think of today's post! Win, win, and win! If you are still having trouble implementing a social strategy after this tip, please reach out! We are eager to help grow your business with you!

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