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How to Level up your LinkedIn Profile to Stand Out

As a business professional, do you spend a great deal of time on LinkedIn? We are always hyper-focused on branding our businesses, but what about our own personal brand? Our tips for using LinkedIn to network and meet potential clients and business partners won’t take long to complete. We know you’re extremely busy, and when you have some spare time, you want to relax, but here are some quick tips.

Choose the right profile pictures for your account.

Making a good first impression is essential for growing your business. As obvious as it might sound, putting an actual face to your business can be a lot more engaging than a little blue guy. Instead of an avatar, select a profile picture that not only looks like you, but one that also reflects your personality. Make sure the picture is current, too! Try not to use pictures of yourself that were taken five or six years ago or you might run the risk of your clients not recognizing you. Another thing to consider is the background. You don't want to choose a photo where the background is the first thing people notice. A friendly face and the appearance of trustworthiness helps make you look more approachable!

Grow your Network

Did you know that you can sync your LinkedIn profile with your email and phone contacts? Well, it’s true! And it is a great way to expand your network. It is always a great idea to build a network of people whom you know, who know you, and what you do. Once you've started that process, you can network with others in your local area who are business owners and/or within your niche to grow your entrepreneurial skill set. Don't forget to follow up with your connections once you have made them, as they might develop into clients!

Share media to your page.

The best place to start when it comes to media is to share useful information on your page that is relevant to your niche or business. Content such as case studies and product-related content can help people further understand your business. Additionally, your connections can get a sense of what makes you unique and what drives your passions. By doing so, they can create a closer connection with you.

The tips above are just a few of the ways you can increase your LinkedIn presence. Our goal is to help you grow your business, and one way of helping you out is by giving you tips! If you would like even more help growing your business, please contact us here:

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