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People Buy Into Your Passion

Don’t hesitate to let your customers and clients know the WHY behind your business! Let them know why it’s more than just a business to you; be open about your dreams and passions and goals. It’s those personal connections that make you stand out!⁠

Strive started as a dream to offer help to small business owners who are striving to grow through the power of digital marketing (hence the biz name Strive Marketing) But before Strive was even a thought, our Founder Mia has always had a servant's heart. She loves to please others. One of her first jobs was at a small business, and she stayed there for about 5 years. She was able to see the impact that a successful business can make not only on the owners but on the employees who depend on a paycheck and the local community who enjoy their presence. ⁠

We know that technology and social media can be tricky and hard to keep up with. But we also know that having an online presence is so important in today’s world. So, here we are to help! Even though we are a business that must have revenue, we do our best to make our services affordable to those of all budget sizes. In addition, we offer free tips weekly on our social channels, speak at seminars, and host giveaways. ⁠

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