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Strive Marketing, LLC, Digital and Social Media Marketing Agency, Opens in Rutherford County, NC

Forest City, NC., For Immediate Release - A new marketing services business has opened in Rutherford County, NC called Strive Marketing LLC (“Strive”) with the mission to enable small to medium-sized businesses develop and carry out digital marketing strategies that are aligned to each company's operational goals. Strive was founded by Mia Chapman who is local to Rutherford County and has years of experience in social media marketing, copywriting and graphic design.

“I have always been passionate about seeing small businesses thrive. My experience is broad, having worked at both small, family-owned businesses and national corporations. I started Strive because I strongly believe that all businesses have potential to grow, but may not have all the resources to do so.”

Mia Chapman, Founder of Strive Marketing LLC

Strive’s current focus is on digital and social media marketing, but also offers a variety of services from branding, graphic design, website design and development, and photography or videography.

As it is clear social media is not going away, businesses owners must adapt. After the onset of COVID-19, many businesses were able to avoid shutting down permanently because they were able to leverage online marketing. Strive offers packages at a variety of prices starting at $100 for training sessions and larger packages for those who want complete assistance with their digital marketing.

For more information or a free consultation, visit You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook as “Strive Marketing”.

Media Contact:

Mia Chapman


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