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Updated: May 8, 2021

If you aren’t supporting small businesses, what are you doing? Our guess is that since you clicked on this article you either are already supporting small businesses and want to do more or you aren’t sure how to and want to learn. Keep reading, we’ve got you covered!

Who truly benefits from small businesses?

Everyone! Supporting local small businesses is beneficial to more people than just the owner. A steady and healthy cash flow allows small businesses to hire and contract outside services, such as an accountant or vendor, which in turn could also be a local business. Contributing money to your own community stimulates the local economy while also creating more job opportunities within the region.

How can you support small businesses?

Stopping in and making a purchase at your favorite local coffee shop or buying a book from the corner book store can go a long way! Even if there is a business that doesn’t quite fit your needs they might be just right for a friend or family member. Think ahead and purchase items or gift cards and certificates for an upcoming holiday or birthday!

What are alternate ways to show your support?

Of course, there are more budget friendly ways in which you can support local businesses.

1. Like, Comment or Share

Many businesses now have an online presence or are trying to grow one. By sharing their posts or engaging with their page you can help boost their online exposure and help drive in more customers.

2. Feedback

If you have made a purchase from a business and absolutely loved the product or service you received, don’t forget to leave them a 5-star review wherever possible! Sharing your personal experience and satisfaction encourages other potential customers to stop in and take a look for themselves.

3. Spread the Word

Last but not least- word of mouth! Perhaps you are chatting with a coworker and they mention that they would love a jar of homemade jam and you remember seeing just that at the hardware store over the weekend. You have just supported a small business by sending them a new and possibly recurring customer!

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